MetPac-SA brings together the entire metal packaging value chain in South Africa.
We give the metal packaging industry a unified voice and present the industry’s views
We make recommendations and voice opinions

Our Company


Our mission is to establish the industry as a valuable and recognised contributor to sustainability throughout the supply chain and beyond.  We support and represent members’ on industry matters related to operational, regulatory and environmental issues.  In addition we promote the benefits of metal packaging and the sustainable attributes of steel and aluminium.

Our thinking


MetPac-SA does not manufacture, sell or recycle metals packaging or cans. We are an industry body that represents the various role-players.

  • We develop sustainability thinking, including positions statements and commitments (ie. Industry Waste Management Plans).
  • We bring together manufacturers and suppliers to promote the benefits of metal packaging.
  • We prepare common messages and create communication programmes on behalf of our members for a wider audience.
  • We monitor local and international legislation that could have an impact on our industry.
  • We do statistical surveys of the industry.
  • We liaise with other role-players, stakeholders, government departments and industry associations to work towards better and more balanced legislation.
  • We manage issues and threats affecting our industry.
  • We work with our industry to ensure that we support the greater packaging industry’s vision of “Zero Waste to the Environment”.



Did you know that metal packaging can recycle forever? It is a permanent material and the perfect example of a circular economy at work!

Metals are natural elements that maintain their physical properties forever. Once metal enters the material-to-material loop, in which it is recycled again and again, it will always be available for future generations. This means metal is a permanent material.

South Africa’s metals packaging collection rate currently sits at an estimated 75.8 % but the industry has set itself the task of increasing this figure to 79% by 2021 and 81% by 2023.


Metal packaging, made from aluminium or steel, is used throughout the retail, wholesale, commercial and industrial sectors. It comes in many shapes and sizes and can package virtually any product.


Metal packaging is a great choice for fillers and brand owners. Cans have a proven safety record and offers a multitude of design options and an unrivaled performance through the supply chain.


Beverage Cans

Caps, Closures and Crowns


Foil Trays

Food Cans

General Line




Metal packaging offers advantages throughout the supply chain


Due to its strength and rigid nature, metal packaging is filled at high speeds with virtually no product loss, increasing overall efficiency including energy and CO2.


Metal packaging offers excellent space optimisation due to its stack ability. It is easy to handle in store, reducing spoilage and costs.


Metal packaging is unbreakable, reducing the risk of leaking or tearing during transportation.


Due to their inherent strength, metal packaging, both empty and filled, can be stacked to make maximum use of storage.  There is no need for heating or refrigeration, saving up to 70% in energy consumption.

Developing a Circular Economy for metals packaging

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has promulgated the National Environmental Management Waste Act (NEMWA) which requires a proactive approach to managing materials (packaging included) so that the waste stream is minimized and producer responsibility is demonstrated.MetPac-SA joined other members of the local packaging industry (united under the Packaging SA banner) by preparing an integrated Federation of Plans as our Industry Waste Management Plan (IndWMP) which was submitted to Minister of Environmental Affairs towards the end of 2018. This plan is currently being reviewed by DEA and it is possible that tariffs might need to be increased in order to support the waste management plan in alignment DEA expectations.


Metal packaging has a proven safety and performance record and offers unrivaled packaging solutions to meet a wide range of market needs.

  • Unbreakable impact-resistant and puncture-resistant
  • Withstand extreme temperatures and pressure
  • Provide a total barrier against light, gas and oxygen
  • Preserve contents perfectly and deliver safe products
  • Quick and easy to use modern opening solutions have relegated the can opener to history
  • The choice for on-to-go from a beverage can to a deodorant
  • Designed to meet modern lifestyle requirements
  • Have a place in every cupboard- a meal that is always available
Kishan Singh

Chief Executive Officer

MetPac-SA does not manufacture, sell or recycle metals packaging or cans. We are an industry body that represents the various role-players at Government and within the industry.​

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